Classic British thriller ‘The Orchard End Murder’ finally gets a Blu-ray release

The Salvation owned film, The Orchard End Murder, is finally, after years in the wilderness, getting a well deserved release curtesy of the British Film Institute who have licensed the film from Salvation. Remastered beautifully in HD and with a great selection of extras (details below) this is your chance [...]

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Salvation signs worldwide film library representation with Park Circus

We are please to announce that we have now signed with Park Circus, formally the sales agents Hollywood Classics, to represent Salvation's film library, including the films of Jean Rollin, worldwide. Park Circus currently handle some 25,000 films, including the back catalogues of many of the major film [...]

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Jess Franco’s Monster and Michael’s Reeves’ She-Beast added to shop

Two great Blu-ray's have just been added to our shop. First off the chopping block is our own Redemption release of Jess Franco's dark and gothic classic Dr Orloff's Monster aka The Mistresses of Doctor Jekyll which includes a great audio commentary by Tim Lucas. Separately [...]

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Award winning Japanese Art House horror, MISS ZOMBIE, coming to Redemption

Directed by Sabu, and starring gravure idol and model Ayaka Komatsu, Miss Zombie is a stylish, erotic, disturbing and highly original take on the zombie genre. Set in a future world where zombies have been tamed and trained to serve as servants and pets, Komatsu as 'Miss Zombie', is [...]

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Zombie Nazis’ for Christmas! Or how the New York Times turned Alt-Right into Alt-Rollin!

Amazingly Jean Rollin's exploitation classic, Zombie Lake, in which a group of dead Waffen-SS soldiers whose bodies had been dumped in a lake after they were killed by resistance fighters in WW2, come back to life as zombies, is suddenly the must-see film for Christmas! It seems that the New [...]

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Natty Redemption POP collection notebooks – cool, cunning, and groovilicious!

Now you have somewhere groovy to write down all those clever ideas that you sometimes get while sitting in the back of a cab or roughing it on a bus. Equally, you may just want to make a note to buy food for your cat, or a couple of [...]

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Grapes of Death, Jean Rollin’s dark take on the zombie theme, coming to the UK

Chemical pollution infects the grapes in a local vineyard with the resulting wine causing an outbreak of murderous, zombified insanity. This is one of Rollin's darkest and successful films and a rare departure from his beloved vampire themed stories. Starring Brigitte Lahaie Grapes of Death is released on DVD [...]

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Controversial shocker Pearls Before Swine starring Boyd Rice coming in 2017

Redemption will be releasing the disturbing and transgressive Australian film Pearls Before Swine (1999) in 2017. Directed by Richard Wolfstencroft (Bloodlust, The Last Days of Joe Blow) and starring the controversial musician and actor Boyd Rice as a fascistic hit-man with a liking for SM, violence and erotica. More [...]

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Redemption’s POP collection begins, not with a BANG! but with a BADGE!

Actually four 25mm badges, all featuring Redemption's über cool logo. One is designed in classic black, one in revolutionary red, one in scintillating yellow and one in a provocative pink and all are guaranteed to light up any lapel, bag or indeed any other surface that they are pinned [...]

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Jezebel gets airborne again thanks to the arrival of THE STEWARDESSES on Blu-ray

Released in December, THE STEWARDESSES, is our first Jezebel release since our Pete Walker double-bill earlier this year. Directed by Al Silliman Jr and released theatrically in 1969, The Stewardesses is a classic example of sexploitation cinema starring TV fave Christina Hart (Helter Skelter, The Incredible Hulk) and a host [...]

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