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If Needs Must the Devil Drives…


Exploiting cult sex and horror since 1993!

Redemption was the first film label in the world to see the commercial potential in releasing European exploitation films at a time when euro horror was dismissed and ignored by most critics and the wider film community. Redemption launched, in 1993, by championing the works of Jean Rollin, Jess Franco, Dario Argento, Massimo Dallamano, Bruno Mattei and many, many others. Films like Succubus, Requiem for a Vampire, Deep Red, Venus in Furs, What Have You Done to Solange?, Virgin Witch, and Vampyros Lesbos have all been released by Redemption, though often only after costly battles with the UK censors with whom Redemption has had a difficult history.To help raise awareness of these films, and to grow the Redemption brand, Salvation created a number of related publications and side projects, including The Redeemer magazine and the Nihilista newspaper, nightclub Black Mass, and the online group the Satanic Sluts, an all girl collective, whose live shows, which often mixed gore, sex and outrageous antics, saw them mentioned in the House of Commons and the Black Mass club, at which they performed, banned from three venues in three months!

Now, some 23 years later, Redemption continues to break boundaries, champion new films and hatch new ideas. So please keep checking out this site, join our mailing list, and watch out for the arrival of our new Ghoul Girl label in 2020!! See ghoulgirlfilms.com




The Man Who Bought The Vampire To Life

Welcome to Salvation Films’ new dedicated new Jean Rollin section where, over time, we hope to have everything about Rollin; past, present and future covered.  We will of course include information on all of our releases, or licensed releases, and related releases like soundtracks or books.

Redemption’s relationship with the films of Jean Rollin and with Rollin himself goes back to 1992 and the very beginning of Redemption when we started out as a company that would specialise in releasing European horror and exploitation films at a time when no one else was. At this time Rollin was virtually unknown and his work dismissed by most critics who had, watched his films, as both nonsense and nonsensical

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Here is our September chart based on actual UK retail sales and again our Japanese titles are conquering all, with the fabulously saturnine tale of temptation and good versus evil, Succulent Succubus, claiming the Number One position.

This month’s soundtrack to accompany the chart continues the Japanese theme with the amazing all-girl BabyMetal and their track Gimme Chocolate! Play LOUD!

Other notables this month include Jean Rollin’s Dracula’s Finacée which has come out of nowhere to enter the chart for the first time at number eight, and the long-running Jezebel title, Complicity, with the lovely Zara Whites which has surprisingly re-entered the charts at number 9.

Based on UK Sales – SEPTEMBER 2019

Number Title Cover Spine No. Last Month
1 The Succulent Succubus 68 2
2 Naked Desire 63 8
3 Casino ’45 64 7
4 The Order 30 9
5 Japanese Wife Next Door 54 NEW
6 Tokyo Fetish 58 10
7(=) Sacred Flesh 19 NEW
Diary of a Secretary
62 NEW
Whore Angels 61 NEW
8 Dracula’s Fiancée 53 NEW
9 Complicity 8 NEW
10 Naughty Harajuku Girls 60 6


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Those retailers or websites, regardless of whether or not you are based in the UK, who would like to feature and sell our UK Salvation releases but have been put off doing so because of the hassle of setting up accounts with large distributors, can now order directly from us*.

Simply go to our new wholesale section and fill in the simple application form and as soon as it is approved you can place your order. All orders will be shipped, depending on where you are situated, via one of the four main courier companies; TNT, DHL, Hermes or FedEx and can be paid for by either PayPal, VISA, Mastercard American Express or bank transfer.


Our Latest News


Redemption Films
Redemption FilmsSeptember 30, 2019 11:33am

Finders Keepers have just sent me their latest releases including this incredible version of the soundtrack to Valerie and Her Week of Wonders. Limited to just 100 copies with special embossed and hand-painted sleeve artwork...

Redemption Films
Redemption FilmsSeptember 4, 2019 7:20pm

A lot going on at the moment, particularly regarding the US, on which more soon. In the UK we are adding new label CARNAL to our Salvation range. Carnal will specialise in high-end all-girl features...

Redemption Films
Redemption FilmsAugust 18, 2019 6:59pm

A couple of Jean Rollin stories. Firstly, those good people at Finders Keepers Records have agreed with us to reissue the fab Jeunes filles Impudiques aka Schoolgirl Hitchhikers single featuring music from the film by...

Redemption Films
Redemption Films
Redemption FilmsAugust 18, 2019 5:56pm

Redemption is going back to its clerical roots and introducing a new Nunsploitation series with not just one but two nun epics; 'Confessions of a Sinful Nun' and a sizzling sequel. Confessions centres on the...


October 11, 2019 8:03am
Intros we shot for our Redemption series on BRAVO TV in 1997/8 before BRAVO went mainstream. Eileen had to wear lenses that completely covered her eyes & could hardly see!

Redemption TV Links (feat. Eileen Daly) https://t.co/crwuHl35AW via @YouTube

October 9, 2019 8:08am
Proof that the JOKER reaches parts that other films can't reach 😉
xHamster Reports Surge in 'Joker' Searches Following Movie Debut https://t.co/mnfwUQFpe6 via @xbiz
October 8, 2019 5:01pm
Here is another image that will be included in our up and coming online Halloween exhibition, which premieres on our website on the 31 October. This pic was shot in 1996 & reworked recently.

https://t.co/nFJ5a2kTIk https://t.co/O9hQiyehNU
RedemptionFilms photo
October 2, 2019 4:58pm
Another picture that will be included in Redemption’s up and coming online Halloween exhibition. This is one of a series of images shot in 1996 for Daughters of Satan, one of our Redemption books series.

https://t.co/nFJ5a2kTIk https://t.co/Mqxmck9k4T
RedemptionFilms photo


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