Five suicidal people meet on the Internet and form a suicide group.” They all have reasons for which they want to terminate their lives. They arrange to meet at one of the member”s homes to spend their last hours together. One of the women hastily kills herself in front of the others. The remaining four members decide to deal with their problems and live.

Based loosely on an actual account that took place in Japan. Life| sex and redemption. Ambiguous also stars Nikki Sasaki (Nurse Sisters| Cuffs). Pink Cinema at its darkest…

Special Features

  • Short Film Showcase: Japanese Box (2002) – dir. London Rankin (UK15)
  • Bonus Triple Silence feature: SYNTHETIC “Country” music video taken from “Contanimation”

Film Details

  • Cast: Hidehisa Ebata| Nikki Sasaki| Minami Aiyama| Akio Kurauchi.