A devilish tale of a suicidal man, Peter North, who has pissed off so many many people that he decides to end it all, at that moment hes visited by his first Angel, Tom Byron. Byron takes him on a little trip, a bit like in Dickens” A Christmas Carol, where Byron can see what”s about to happen to him in the future. There are some great performances from Peter North and Alicyn Sterling but the star of the film is Savannah who shows North just have good life can be and saves him. There were unfortunately no Angels in real life for Savannah, one time girlfriend of Billy Idol and Axl Rose, who tragically shot herself through the head within two years of making this film. Bizarrely Angels other main star, Alicyn Sterling, is also rumoured to be dead, though this time in a car crash.

Special Features

  • Stills Gallery
  • Trailers
  • Video Artwork
  • Bonus Triple Silence Feature ‘White Slave’ by The Nuns”

Film Details

  • Label: Purgatory
  • Certification: UK18
  • Cast: Savannah, Missy Warner, Alicyn Sterling, Angie Summers, Nick East, Jamie Gillis, Peter North, TT Boy, Tom Byron.