Attack of the Robots aka Cartes sur table

Written and Directed by Jess Franco, 1966

At once a homage to classical Hollywood thrillers and a playful riff on the newly-popular James Bond films, Attack of the Robots stars Eddie Constantine as a wise-cracking superspy investigating a series of assassinations being performed by ruthless killers with bronze skin and horn-rimmed glasses. The trail of these mindless automata leads him to the lair of a seductive villainess (Françoise Brion, L’Immortelle) who has formulated a computer-powered plot to overthrow the governments of Europe.

Constantine, who was popular in France for his two-fisted Lemmy Caution films (including Jean-Luc Goddard’s Alphaville), had begun to tire of playing the hard-boiled detective and welcomed the opportunity to take a more light-hearted approach to the genre film. Reflecting director Jess Franco’s passion for jazz (he appears in two scenes as a nightclub pianist), Attack of the Robots has a spontaneity and playfulness that make it one of his most entertaining films, even as it embraces themes of sadomasochism and mind control that were so integral to his work.


  • Audio commentary by Tim Lucas, co-author of Obsessions: The Films of Jess Franco
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Dialogue by Jean-Claude Carrière

Film Details

  • Language: French Soundtrack with optional English subtitles plus English dubbed version
  • Cast: Eddie Constantine, Françoise Brion, Fernando Rey, Sophie Hardy

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