Lance Comfort, 1948

* This is an NTSC (USA / Japan format) DVD

Based on the play They Walk Alone by Max Catto, Daughter of Darkness is an atmospheric gothic chiller following an Irish maid with an irresistible attraction to men. With the reputation as a temptress where even the local priest is attracted to her, she is forced to leave for England. Sexual desire soon descends into psychopathy, as she lures a carnival boxer and other men in her new town, whose desire for her results in their downfall.

A startling film for its time, Daughter of Darkness (1948) posed censorship problems at the time of its release, due to its dark material, and has since remained a lost film waiting to be rediscovered. Also, appearing in her first movie role is Honor Blackman, long before her international fame as Pussy Galore in James Bond classic, Goldfinger.