Jean Rollin, 2002

* This is the NTSC (USA / Japan format) DVD

A late addition in the Jean Rollin collection, Dracula’s Fiancée (2002) has everything you might expect from the master of surreal horror, and so much more! Mad, chain-smoking nuns, raging dwarf-jesters, vampires, she-wolves, baby-eating Ogresses and wizards galore, as a professor and his young assistant on the hunt for Count Dracula’s remains are thrown into a surreal parallel universe.

Directed by Jean Rollin

Cyrille Iste, Jacques Orth, Thomas Smith, Sandrine Thoquet, Magalie Madison, Nathalie Perrey and Brigitte Lahaie

DVD Extras

– New interview with director Jean Rollin on his life and work

– Stills gallery

– Redemption trailers

Technical Specifications

Year: 2002

Country: France

Language: French with English subtitles

Runtime: 91 minutes

Aspect: Widescreen

Region: All