inji Imaoka, 2005

* This is the NTSC (USA release) version of this film

Frog Song is a truly innovative example of Pink cinema; a new and exciting movement within Japanese underground filmmaking that mixes erotic content with art film aesthetics to create an unmistakably unique and modern mode of filmmaking.

A bizarre film, Frog Song follows Akemi, a young woman who runs off into the night after discovering that her husband has been cheating on her. She ends up in a local comic shop where she meets an aspiring comic-book artist, Kyoko, who supports

herself by working as a prostitute. Unable to deal with her husband’s betrayal, Akemi moves in with Kyoko where they develop a taste for sex, singing and frogs!

With its insane narrative that somehow manages to incorporate frogs into an otherwise realistic story of love and friendship, Frog Song is a wonderful example of Pink Cinema from the director of Despite All That, the best selling title on the Sacrament label in Europe.



Region Free

Year: 2005

Country: UK

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Colour / Widescreen

Duration: 65 min

DVD Special Features:

– Short film ‘Japanese Box’