Jack Cardiff, 1968

* This is an NTSC DVD (suitable for USA and Japan – or a compatible DVD player)

Girl on a Motorcycle is a true cult classic, sexy ’60s movie, starring rock legend Marianne Faithfull and French heart-throb Alain Delon. Marianne Faithfull is stunning as the leather-clad Rebecca, a love-torn woman who escapes her fiancé and mounts her Harley for a cross-country road trip to her passionate but cruel lover, Daniel (Alain Delon). With raunchy sex scenes shown with psychedelic intensity, this film truly captures the late 1960’s zeitgeist of “free love” and liberation.

Beautifully shot, star-studded, sexy and off-beat, Girl on a Motorcycle is a wild ride of a movie!

Directed by Jack Cardiff

Starring Marianne Faithfull, Alain Delon, Roger Mutton, Marius Goring, Catherine Jourdan and Jean Leduc

DVD Extras

– Stills gallery

– Redemption trailers.

Technical specifications

Country: USA

Language: English

Year: 1968

Runtime: 91 mins approx

Sound: Mono

Aspect: 1.66:1

Region: All