Nightmares Come at Night aka Les cauchemars naissent la nuit

Directed by Jess Franco, 1970

For years considered a lost Franco film (after having played at a single theatre in Belgium), Nightmares Come at Night was rediscovered in 2004 and has recognised as a key film in the evolution of Franco’s cinema, which in 1970 was assuming a dreamlike logic, governed more by the director’s libido than the traditional horror movie structure.

Diana Lorys (The Awful Dr Orlof) stars as a sultry dancer who falls under the hypnotic control of the sinister blonde Cynthia (Colette Giacobine) and begins ti suffer terrifying hallucinations, from which not even a gifted psychiatrist (Paul Muller) can save her, Meanwhile, a pair of jewel thieves (Soledad Miranda and jack Taylor) hide out at a nearby house, biding their time until they can confront Cynthia for their share of a recent heist.


  • Audio commentary by Tim Lucas
  • ‘Eugénie’s Nightmare of a Sex Charade’ – 20 minute documentary by Daniel Gouyette on the making of the film. Includes footage of Jess Franco
  • ‘Jess! What are you doing Now?’ – 8-minute documentary Nightmares Come at Night

Film Details

  • Language: French Soundtrack with optional English subtitles plus English dubbed version
  • Cast: Diana Lorys, Paul Muller, Soledad Miranda, Jack Taylor, Colette Giacobi

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