Jean Rollin, 1971

* This is the NTSC (US release) version of this film.

This surreal fairy-tale from acclaimed French horror director, Jean Rollin, follows two gun-toting, nymphette schoolgirls as they stumble upon a lair of vampires. Almost devoid of dialogue, the story unfolds into a orgy of torture, rape, nudity and lesbianism as the young girls succumb to their bloodsucking fate.

Sado-eroticism and striking visual sequences have earned Requiem for a Vampire it’s cult reputation as a European horror classic.

‘A puzzling gem for the adventurous horror fan’

– The Sun

‘Nudity, violence and bizarre imagery are in rich supply, with Rollin crafting some highly memorable sequences’



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All regions

Year: 1971

Language: French with English subtitles

Runtime: 88 minutes

Sound: Stereo

Aspect: 19:9 Widescreen