A tale of a Mother Superior devout and chaste, who is suffering mental turmoil as her mind throws up increasingly extreme sexual, theological and hellish imagery which both tempts and terrifies her!

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Film Details

  • Cast: Sally Tremaine, Moyna Cope, Daisy Weston, Moses Rockman, Emily Booth, Simon Hill, Willow, Kristina Bill, Laura Plair, Leasa Carlyon, Rachel Taggart, Louise Linehan, Mary Grant, Leasa Carlyon, Nicole Bouchet, Louise Ross, Cindy Read, Michelle Thorne, Eileen Daly, Marc Morris, Chris Charlston, Hannah Callow, Amanda Dawkins, Majella Shepherd, Christopher Adamson, Philip Serfaty, Nicole Bouchet, Cassandra Bochsler, Anneka Svenska, Sarah McLean, Cindy Read.
  • Label: Redemption
  • Music: Steve Pittis / Band of Pain