Director: Alan Clarke,1979

PLEASE NOTE: This is a NTSC (USA/JAPAN format) Region free release

A landmark exposé of Britain’s violent reform schools, Alan Clarke’s SCUM is a controversial shock to the system. Originally made for TV in 1977, the BBC withheld the program from release, due to its intense depictions of suicide, rape and racism. Refusing to be censored, Clarke reshot the film as a theatrical feature in 1979, making his attack on the borstal system even more scathing, and it is the latter, more vitriolic version that is included on this disc.

SCUM tells the story of Carlin (Ray Winstone, The Departed), a new reform school inmate with a reputation as a hard case. The authorities encourage gang leader Pongo (John Blundell) to humble Carlin, but he beats Pongo down and takes over the mantle of "Daddy". The guards institute a reign of terror and neglect, with Carlin emerging as an unlikely leader. One of the most important British features of the last 35 years, SCUM still packs a wallop.

Special features:

Mastered in HD from the original 35mm negative.

5.1 Surround or 2.0 Stereo

Audio commentary by Ray Winstone

Interview with producersDavina Belling and Clive Parsons

Interview with writer Roy Minton

Interview with executive producer Don Boyd

EPK interview with Roy Minton and Clive Parsons

Cast memories

* Original theatrical trailers

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Film Details

UK 1979 Colour 96 min 1.66:1
1920 x 1080p

Directed by Alan Clarke

Produced by Davina Belling and Clive Parsons

Screenplay by Roy Minton

Director of Photography:Phil Meheux

With Ray Winstone, Mick Ford, John Blundell and Phil Daniels