This Italian exploitation horror cult classic stars a terminally creepy doctor (Klaus Kinski) at an asylum for suicidal and disturbed women. There’s a team of strange doctors, unprofessional nurses and even a hunky gardener at these ladies’ service to help them recover. In classic Giallo form director Fernando Di Leo introduces a mad-roving murderer, typically dressed in black and using the institution’s old fashioned armoury decoration as slashing tools. Margaret Lee and Rosalba Neri are among the frequently unclothed cast, and there are decapitations, crossbow bolts in the eye, and some fairly explicit sex. This gory slasher flick with more than its fair share of nudity is a Euro-grindhouse gem.


  • Lady Frankenstein’s Memoirs (18 minutes)
  • Asylum of Fear (15 minutes)
  • Deleted scenes (2 minutes).
  • A fully illustrated booklet.
  • New HD transfer from the original 35mm negative.
  • Original trailer.
  • Improved subtitle translation.

Film Details

  • Origin: Italy / Spain
  • Cast: Klaus Kinski, Rosalba Neri, Monica Stroebel, Margaret Lee