Snow / Woman


‘Bleak, desolate and breath taking – Snow / Woman has an erotic intensity rarely captured on film’

In Japanese legend a ‘snow woman’ is a mythical demon or succubus whose purpose is to torment men. In this classic piece of Pink Cinema, the legend becomes frightening reality.

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A man is waiting alone for a woman in a snow-covered house deep in the mountains. The woman was supposed to meet him days before but she hasn’t arrived and the man waits on, believing that the woman will still come. As the hours pass the Man’s mind slips in and out of reality as he fantasises on her and her sexuality. His body grows nub from the cold and he begins to drift from reality to a dream world where his imagination knows no limits.

Film Details

  • Cast: Kawase Yota, Ito Kiyomi, Shimomoto Shiro, Honda Kikuo, Kuroda Shiori.
  • Label: Sacrament

Special Features

  • Short Film Showcase: Blood (2000) – dir Philip Ilson
  • Bonus Triple Silence feature The NUNS White Slaves” music video

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