Director: Sergei Eisenstein, 1925

PLEASE NOTE: This is an NTSC (USA/JAPAN format) Region free

The first feature film by the director of Battleship Potemkin, Sergei Eisenstein’s STRIKEis a visual tour-de-force that employs dynamic editing and experimental cameraworkto dramatize the saga of a bitterly-fought factory strike in 1903. Often compared toCitizen Kane in terms of audacious directorial debuts, STRIKE embodies the revolutionaryspirit of the Soviet people of the 1920s, cresting the waves of artistic and political


This edition of STRIKE was mastered in HD from a 35mm film element restored by the Cinématheque de Toulouse, with a newly-recorded score by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, adapted largelyfrom the works of traditional Russian composers.

Special Details:

GLUMOV’s DIARY (1923, 4 min) For years considered lost, Eisenstein’sfirst film is a playful experimental short made for his stage production ofAlexander Ostrovsky’s ‘Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man.’

EISENSTEIN AND THE REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT (2008, 37 min)Film historian Natcha Laurent places Eisenstein’s work in the contextof the Communist Revolution and contemporary Soviet filmmaking.

Film details:

USSR 1925 B&W 89 min 1.33:1

1920 x 1080p 2.0 Stereo

Directed by Sergei Eisenstein

Produced by Boris Mikhin

Photographed by Vasili Khvatov, Vladimir Popov, Eduard Tisse

Written by Grigori Aleksandrov, Sergei Eisenstein, Ilya Kravchunovsky

Art Direction by Vasili Rakhals

Musical Score compiled and performed by The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra