The Owner is a dark and perverse film that centres on an aspiring lesbian actress and her new girlfriend who become the focus of their landlords voyeuristic obsession. In scenes that are both graphic and unsettling, the actress is spied upon, gassed and abused in a series of encounters that escalate in tension, sickness and ultimately violence.

‘The Owner is one of a new wave of South American horror films that are genuinely pushing and exploring the presentation of horror in exciting and provocative ways and, while not for the faint-hearted, this exploration of possessive madness and sexual depravity will not be easily forgotten’.

Special Features

  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Making Of (in Spanish language, no subs)

Film Details

  • Cast Imena Anganuzzi, Carla Crespo, Mario Das Arias, Edgardo Livov Macklin, Luis Ziembrowski