Francesco Barilli, 1974

PLEASE NOTE: This is an NTSC (USA/JAPAN format) Region free, DVD release

Director Francesco Barilli’s hallucinatory horror-thriller stars Mimsy Farmer who portrays, a chemist who begins to suffer from strange visions; a mysterious woman in black applying perfume in a mirror appears to her and strangers follow her everywhere she goes. Barilli’s psychological investigations into the workings of the mind becomes apparent when it is revealed that as a child, Sylvia committed a horrible crime. The slow progression from successful scientist to a woman on the verge of insanity shows an in-depth look at the intricacies of the haunted mind. This is a remarkable film, weaving reality, fantasy and memory into an almost seamless fabric.

Special Features:

Documentary Portrait in Black / Director’s Biography / Director’s Filmography

A fully illustrated booklet containing critical analysis

Digitally Restored and Remastered / New and Improved English subtitles translation

Film details:

Italy 1974 Colour 104 minutes

Directed by Francesco Barilli,

Music by Neil Brandt

With: Jho Jhenkins, Luigi Antonio Guerra, Mimsy Farmer, Maurizio Bonuglia,Mario Scaccia