Sergio Grieco, 1974

While the credits claim that Sergio Grieco’s THE SINFUL NUNS OF SAINT VALENTINE
was loosely based on a play by Victor Hugo, the more obvious inspiration for this delirious
piece of nunsploitation was Ken Russell’s The Devils (1971).

Pursued by soldiers, having been accused of heresy, Esteban (Paolo Malco) seeks refuge in a
nearby convent – the same convent to which his girlfriend Lucita (Jenny Tamburi) has been banished
by her parents. In order to be reunited, Lucita must resist seduction by her lesbian cellmate
(Bruna Beani), endure the deranged torments of the Inquisition, and escape from a madhouse
within the convent walls. Esteban, meanwhile, contends with the advances of a sensual abbess (Françoise Prévost).

By turns erotic, horrific, and shamelessly melodramatic, THE SINFUL NUNS OF SAINT VALENTINE has well
earned its reputation as a notorious nunsploitation classic.

Special features

    Mastered in HD from the original 35mm negative

  • Italian with optional English subtitles
  • Original trailers of other Redemption releases

Film Details

  • Directed by Sergio Grieco
  • Produced by Gino Mordini
  • Screenplay by Sergio Grieco
  • Story by Sergio Grieco and Luigi Mordini
  • Cast :Françoise Prévost, Paolo Malco,Jenny Tamburi, Bruna Beani

Inspired by a drama by Victor Hugo