Ray Muller, 1993

PLEASE NOTE: This is an NTSC Region free DVD

A spellbinding account of the woman best known as Hitler’s moviemaker andrecently hailed by THE NEW YORK TIMES as “one of the greatest womanfilmmakers ever.” In this remarkable documentary, Leni Riefenstahl addressesher past for the first time on camera. While she never actually joined the NaziParty, as the creator of the single most effective propaganda film ever made,TRIUMPH OF THE WILL, Riefenstahl has spent much of her life trying tolive down her association with the Third Reich. Her personal relationshipwith Hitler is still in question.

Feisty and charismatic at 91, Riefenstahl revisits the landmarks of her turbulentlife – from her beginnings as a daredevil actress in German “mountain films” toher direction of such stunning narratives as THE BLUE LIGHT (1932) and TIEFLAND(1940s, released in 1954), to her infamous, brilliant documentaries TRIUMPHOF THE WILL (1935) and OLYMPIA (1938), to her anthropological photographsof the now extinct Nuba tribes in Africa. The film brings the story of Riefenstahlright up to her current passion – scuba diving and shooting films of exoticaquatic life. Altogether, a riveting story that leaves the viewer in total aweof its controversial subject.

Film details:

Germany 1993 Colour and B&W

Part 1: 96 minutes Part 2: 92 minutes

Writer and Director: Ray Muller

Assistant Director: Nicole Front

Produced by Hans-Jürgen Panitz,Jacques de Clercq & Dimitri de Clercq