Limited Vinyl Edition

It has been exactly ten years since Finders Keepers Records first liberated Luboš Fišer’s immaculate soundtrack music for Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (Valerie A Týden Divu) from the vaults of the Barrandov Studio in Prague. As the inaugural release of an ongoing discography of previously unreleased scores from the hugely creative “Film Miracle” that occurred during and after the Czech New Wave (CNW), this score will always retain a special place in the heart of the label as well as our listeners who consistently request an updated repress of this significant vinyl milestone. Having grown in status from an obscure and misunderstood socialist-era art house oddity, via the hands of risqué foreign fluff merchants, to finally find its rightful audience as a bonafide surrealist cinematic masterpiece of world class standards, this 1970 film adaptation of Vítezslav Nezval’s 1935 avant-garde novella (a film that literally cross-pollinated Max Ernst’s A Week Of Kindness and Lewis Carols Alice In Wonderland) has garnered widespread critical acclaim. Inspiring ongoing generations of visual artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers – all of whom regard this truly individualistic and inimitable surrealist film poem to be an indelible influence – Valerie continues to impregnate their daily artistic referential fabric

Description courtesy of Finders Keepers

Track Listing

Side A

  1. The Magic Yard
  2. Talk with Grandmother
  3. The Letter
  4. The Sermon
  5. Losing the Way
  6. The Visit
  7. The Work of Death
  8. Dinner
  9. Dense Smoke
  10. The Contract/The Wedding

Side B

  1. The Punishment/li>
  2. Disquiet
  3. Awakening
  4. Brother & Sister
  5. Sacrifice
  6. The Letter 2/Friends
  7. In Flames
  8. Puppets
  9. Homeless
  10. Questions & Answers
  11. Confession
  12. And the Last