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Winter Days and Weimar Nights

The summer is well and truly over and, along with dark nights and colder days, this winter has the added bonus of strikes, rising inflation, freezing temperatures, war, power cuts, an energy crisis, uncontrolled migration, food shortages, civil disorder, economic depression and the possibility of nuclear Armageddon! Yes, happy times are here again and so alongside your daily dollop of government misery we have a whole gamut of decadent delights to get you through to the spring, or radioactive wasteland; whichever fate decides.

First up are our new UK releases which include everything from Reform School Girls and prison hotties, to French and Australian psychos. From mad Japanese scientists and perverse detectives, to some of the best contemporary and innovative new horror around.

Next comes the launch of our Salvation range In the USA. Starting with two titles a month and continuing with new releases every month throughout 2023 and into 2024 this is something that we are really excited about. Confirmed titles include Shûji Kataoka’s S&M Hunter Begins, Cosmotropia de Xam’s Black Mass of the Brain, Grant McPhee’s Far from the Apple Tree, Jean Rollin’s Comtesse IXE, and Renato Polselli’s Revelations of a Psychiatrist, with lots of other fabulous and exciting titles to be announced.

Just as exciting is what we have coming up on RedemptionTV.net and our soon to launch PurgatoryTV.net, not one, but two worldwide streaming channels; offering some of the best exploitation and horror cinema on Redemption TV as well as the best erotica we can access from the US, Europe and Japan on Purgatory TV. Every week we are adding and curating our content to bring you the most innovative and exciting films around. On top of this we are now, in conjunction with SALVATION, our new newspaper style magazine, slowly expanding our culture, music and arts coverage as well. So expect to see lots of interviews, exhibitions, fashion, and concert coverage in the coming months as we utilise our magazine to film a lot of exciting people and events.

Which brings us to SALVATION itself. In its printed form it’s a large format (350x500mm) newspaper style magazine with each issue having 24 pages filled with film and aspects of culture that we think will appeal to a Redemption audience. The digital issue will always be free to view on our website, while the printed issues are for sale and are limited to just 100 copies of each cover. We will also be producing special and really limited issues every now and then which are specifically targeted at core Redemption fans. The first of these, #1.5, will have 8 pages and a very special poster and will be available in January.

Issue 2 features sadomasochism and the films of Jess Franco by genre film expert David Flint, a seriously good article on Bimbofication by author Dr Patricia MacCormack, and an exclusive interview with the boundary-pushing musician Jazmin Bean. Published at the end of January and with a choice of two covers, it is available for pre-order now.

We’re really looking forward to 2023 and to expanding the Redemption universe in new and exciting ways over the coming months. To keep up-to-date subscribe to our newsletter here and follow us on social media – links below

Salvation Magazine Issue One is Here!

We are delighted to announce that our long-awaited magazine, SALVATION, is finally ready and can be viewed and read for free here. However, if you would like to own a physical copy of our large format magazine, (its page size is 350mm x 500mm), then you have the choice of two covers and can order them here. Hurry as there are only 100 copies of each cover available.

Issue 2, will feature a key article on sadomasochism in Jess Franco films by David Flint and, separately, a look at Bimbo culture and Bimbofication by Patricia MacCormack. Plus, lots more of course! Out in November.

The Salvation Exploitation Chart

Based on Sales and Streaming in February 2023

The charts are now back to normal, as distribution chain issues are finally cleared… Which also means we can get back to our new releases, with the first of 2023 scheduled for May!

In the meantime though, our February sales showed that your love for naughty nuns shows no signs of abating, with Ricky Greenwood’s Confessions of a Sinful Nun series taking the number one and number five positions.

Sex, or rather sexy women, was also the overriding theme of the rest of the top five with The Women’s Nature, a tale of magic and very perverse book, at number two, the perennial favourite, Luna’s Angels at number four, and fabulous lesbian coming of age story, Becoming Elsa, starring the incredible mix of innocence and full-on lust, Elsa Jean, at number three.

The rest of our top ten was, surprisingly, preoccupied with sex as well, though in the main with a pink twist; showing that a convent full of Japanese nuns would be the average Redemption fan’s idea of heaven! At number six is Milk the Maid, a very naughty tale of a baby angel called Milk, closely followed at number seven by another fantasy film, Succulent Succubus. The wonderful Blind Love is at number eight and the Italian bonk-buster, Casino ’45 at number nine; while the number ten slot is being looked after by the crazed nympho-nurses residing in Chise Matoba’s pinku epic, Whore Hospital.

We are delighted to see that over at RedemptionTV.net, Eileen Daly’s truly marvelous Mr Crispin is straight in at number one. Eileen, aside from being a cult scream queen, gothic superstar, and the ‘face’ of Redemption, is also a film director with four features to her name.

Funny, irreverent, and occasionally revolting, Mr Crispin is absolutely worth 90 minutes of your time (and $4.00 of course) so get streaming and screaming right away! Other streams of note this month include the sleaze epic, Ghoul Scout Zombie Massacre, Remains (one of the Satanic Sluts’ nastier forays into filmmaking), and one of our curated movie night triple-bills: Who’s Laughing Now, featuring gore, violence, and black humour…

See you all in April!

You can buy the chart DVDs in our online shop, watch them now on RedemptionTV.net, or read about them and everything else in our new magazine, SALVATION which you can read for free or buy HERE

This month’s Track To Enjoy the Chart To is American Nightmares by the French synthwave act, Absolute Valentine. Imagine Stranger Things mashed with 1980s arcade games aesthetics, video nasties, and a soundtrack by John Carpenter with a sprinkling of techno disco, then you have Absolute Valentine. Based in Marseille, France, we cannot recommend them enough. Enjoy.

Salvation Films

No 1

Confessions of a Sinful Nun 2

Spine No.86

No 2

The Women's Nature

Spine No.28

No 3

Becoming Elsa
Becoming Elsa

Spine No.78

No 4

Luna's Angels

Spine No.70

No 5

Confessions of a Sinful Nun

Spine No.72

No 6

Milk The Maid
Milk The Maid

Spine No.55

No 7

Girls of Wrestling

Spine No.68

No 8

Blind Love

Spine No.85

No 9


Spine No.64

No 10

Whore Hospital

Spine No.59


No 1

Mr Crispin

Mr. Crispin

No 2

Who's Laughing Now?

Who’s Laughing Now

No 3

Ghoul Scout Zombie Massacre

Ghoul Scout Zombie Massacre

No 4

Human Livestock

Human Livestock

No 5

Remains (short)



Exploiting cult sex and horror since 1993!

Redemption was the first film label in the world to see the commercial potential in releasing European exploitation films at a time when euro horror was dismissed and ignored by most critics and the wider film community. Redemption launched, in 1993, by championing the works of Jean Rollin, Jess Franco, Dario Argento, Massimo Dallamano, Bruno Mattei and many, many others. Films like Succubus, Requiem for a Vampire, Deep Red, Venus in Furs, What Have You Done to Solange?, Virgin Witch, and Vampyros Lesbos have all been released by Redemption, though often only after costly battles with the UK censors with whom Redemption has had a difficult history.To help raise awareness of these films, and to grow the Redemption brand, Salvation created a number of related publications and side projects, including The Redeemer magazine and the Nihilista newspaper, nightclub Black Mass, and the online group the Satanic Sluts, an all girl collective, whose live shows, which often mixed gore, sex and outrageous antics, saw them mentioned in the House of Commons and the Black Mass club, at which they performed, banned from three venues in three months!

Now, some 23 years later, Redemption continues to break boundaries, champion new films and hatch new ideas. So please keep checking out this site and join our mailing list.


Exhibition – Redemption Revisited

A selection of 100 images created in and around Redemption and Salvation Films between 1992 and 2014

Licensing Worldwide

For all enquiries regarding the licensing of our films, stills or images relating to our films for physical, digital or merchandising exploitation worldwide, including the films of Jean Rollin.

Worldwide Licensing

For more information please email us at

Jean Rollin

The Man Who Bought The Vampire To Life

Welcome to Salvation Films’ new dedicated new Jean Rollin section where, over time, we hope to have everything about Rollin; past, present and future covered.  We will of course include information on all of our releases, or licensed releases, and related releases like soundtracks or books.

Redemption’s relationship with the films of Jean Rollin and with Rollin himself goes back to 1992 and the very beginning of Redemption when we started out as a company that would specialise in releasing European horror and exploitation films at a time when no one else was. At this time Rollin was virtually unknown and his work dismissed by most critics who had, watched his films, as both nonsense and nonsensical


Redemption TV


Here at Salvation Films, we started the lockdown in true dystopian style by vowing to become even more antisocial and reclusive than usual and celebrated by expanding our watch section and making as many films and related material available to watch as possible. Indeed, our Watch section spread so rapidly amongst our digital disciples that it has mutated and become Redemption TV…

So, as you emerge tentatively into a new timorous world of social distancing, face masks and hand sanitizers where the smell of disinfectant has replaced perfume and the touching of flesh carries with it the hidden frisson of death and disease, get ready to run back indoors! Get ready for Redemption TV!

Redemption TV is home to some of the best in exploitation, horror, sexploitation and transgressive cinema as well as one of the biggest collections of Japanese Pink film outside of Japan! With new films being added every month Redemption TV will bring a breath of fetid air and digital devilry to your previously stay-safe-at-home world.

Now you can immerse yourself in a satanic wonderland of vampires, witches and salacious decadence mixed with a cornucopia of fleshy delights from Japan! These celluloid epics will be soon be joined by an ever-growing selection of programs featuring the very best in alternative lifestyle and culture, including, but not limited to, fashion, music, sex, short films, art and, on occasions, Satan himself..

The darkness is coming and so is Redemption TV.

Let there be light…

Our Latest News


Redemption Films
Redemption FilmsMarch 31, 2023 7:22pm
WATCH NOW! Our Pinku Party for the legendary Yutaka Ikejima is in full swing at crypt, why not swing by and join us?! Linktr.ee/RedemptionFilms #pinku #movienight
Redemption Films
Redemption FilmsMarch 30, 2023 4:15pm

Happy Birthday to Mr Pink! Yutaka Ikejima is widely considered to be the most successful Pinku director of the 2000s, and we'll be showcasing some of those titles this weekend on RTV, as a threesome......

Redemption Films
Redemption FilmsMarch 29, 2023 8:04pm

This week we're combining #weirdwednesday with our #jeanrollin #weeklyappreciation post and settling down to watch The Far Country; a fascinating early Rollin short, overflowing with his signature dreamlike quality. A couple wander through ruins, to...

Redemption Films
Redemption FilmsMarch 28, 2023 2:27pm

Top of our Redemption TV chart last month was no surprise to us, as WE know just how good this whole series of films is... None other than Eileen Daly's directorial Debut, I See The...


Our Pinku Party for the legendary Yutaka Ikejima is in full swing at crypt, why not swing by and join us?!
#pinku #movienight #yutakaikejima #mrpink #pinkuparty #party https://t.co/vatmtJeuj6
RedemptionFilms photo
#HappyBirthday to Mr Pink!
Yutaka Ikejima is widely considered to be the most successful #Pinku director of the 2000s, and we'll be showcasing some of those titles this weekend on RTV, as a threesome... which we're sure is something he would definitely approve of
😉 https://t.co/efaftJQmIG
RedemptionFilms photo
This week we're combining #weirdwednesday with our #jeanrollin #weeklyappreciation post and settling down to watch The Far Country; a fascinating early Rollin short, overflowing with his signature dreamlike quality.

#nw #nowwatching https://t.co/R2hnUIYAYC
RedemptionFilms photo
Coming this weekend...
Say happy birthday to Mr Pink, with a triple bill showcase of Yutaka Ikejima movies!
Twilight Dinner, Japanese Wife Next Door, and The Muse, for our special triple-bill price, from Friday on Redemption TV
#pinku #japanesepinkcinema #japanesecinema https://t.co/68ypiQQjgI
RedemptionFilms photo
Top of this month's Salvation Exploitation DVD chart is Confessions of a Sinful Nun 2, you simply can't get enough naughty nuns!

More chart news available on the Salvation site -  https://t.co/Vcd0z8UxPe

#sundaynunday #nunday #nuns #chart #dvdchart #topten #nunsploitation https://t.co/X2Zw4RF3uU
RedemptionFilms photo
There's just 2 weeks to watch our vampire themed triple-bill, featuring three modern imaginings of the vampire mythos, all aesthetically sumptuous and entirely individual...
A #movienight to sink your teeth into!
#vampires #nw #nowwatching #whattowatch https://t.co/SA3tTWvSYA
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