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Covers for some of 2023 titles
Salvation Magazine 1 Cover A
Salvation Magazine Issue 1 Cover B Fascination Styled Cover
Salvation Magazine Issue 1.5 Winter Styled Cover
Salvation Magazine Issue 2 Cover A
Salvation Magazine Issue 2 Cover B

Summer is almost here and we have lots of exciting new releases coming your way! So while you quaff a glass of Pimms and enjoy some strawberries and cream in the sunshine you can contemplate the darker things in life; beginning with S&M Hunter Begins, Shûji Kataoka’s outrageous tale of how an average ‘salary-man’ became an SM superhero! Featuring whippings, bondage and copious amounts of female flesh this is celluloid at its most biblical, and a true sleaze masterpiece; and as such is a fitting title to launch our Salvation exploitation range in the USA.

It seems to have taken forever, but starting this summer our Salvation range will be available in the US, including several titles not out in the UK. On the left you can see the covers of our first 42 titles which will be released over the coming months. Movies to look forward to include Cosmotropia de Xam’s extraordinary Space Necronomicon , which includes some amazing AI generated sequences, and Grant McPhee’s, Lori and the Six Six Sixties, a homage to sixties excess and occult weirdness.

In fact, we see this as opportunity to bring the work of some of the most exciting and innovative filmmakers around to a wider audience; including films by Jason Impey, Domiziano Cristopharo, Larissa Anzoategui, Richard Wolstencroft, and Rodrigo Aragão. Of course, we will still be releasing classic Redemption titles as well, such as Renato Polselli’s insanely over the top tale of sex and psychiatry, Revelations of a Psychiatrist in a World of Perverse Sex, Luigi Batzella’s gothic extravaganza of sex and sorcery, Nude for Satan and Jean Rollin’s ultra rare La Comtesse Ixe, to name just a few.

Our Salvation exploitation range wouldn’t be complete though without our Sacrament label, where you can see some of the best Pink cinema ever made! We have Pinku titles galore lined up, including Yôjirô Takita’s fab Sexy S.W.A.T. Team, Chise Matoba’s sexually charged Maid in Japan, and Shinji Imaoka’s incredible mix of fantasy and erotica, Uncle’s Paradise, with many, many more following.

In the UK after many delays and false starts we are finally getting ready to release Deep Contact, Yukio Kitazuwa’s completely bonkers sci-fi story of sexual Psychokinesis, asteroids, and armageddon! This will be followed by Dana Vespoli’s Reform School Girls, one of the hottest lesbian films we’ve seen, featuring caged-sex, spankings and the kind of girl-on-girl action our Carnal label loves, Ricky Greenwood’s Prison Heat, and Richard Wolstencroft’s Bloodlust follow.

The second issue of our much delayed Salvation magazine will also be ready to send out shortly as will the equally late special issue 1.5. We are sorry for all the delays but we are a small company, and unfortunately sometimes things take longer than we would like. Pre-orders for subsequent issues will not be available so far in advance to avoid any further hold ups for our valued customers. That said, issue 2 is looking really good so we hope you’ll find it worth the wait.

Finally our streaming site, Redemption TV is about to get a naughty sister site, Purgatory TV, which will be arriving in the summer, with the aim of making things even hotter! Featuring innovative and exciting adult content from the USA, UK, Europe, and Japan, we hope that we will be able to offer and curate adult material that is both sexy and entertaining. Redemption TV itself is expecting the usual screams, dreams, and everything extreme, with another of Eileen Daly’sI See the Dead movies, plus more from Jason Impey, Cosmotropia de Xam, and Sylvain Malin lined up.

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Salvation Magazine Issue One is Here!

We are delighted to announce that our long-awaited magazine, SALVATION, is finally ready and can be viewed and read for free here. However, if you would like to own a physical copy of our large format magazine, (its page size is 350mm x 500mm), then you have the choice of two covers and can order them here. Hurry as there are only 100 copies of each cover available.

Issue 2, will feature a key article on sadomasochism in Jess Franco films by David Flint and, separately, a look at Bimbo culture and Bimbofication by Patricia MacCormack. Plus, lots more of course! Out in November.

The Salvation Exploitation Chart

Based on Sales and Streaming in August 2023

Salvation Films

August saw rain in the UK, apocalyptic heat waves in Europe, and Dana Vespoli’s bad girl epic, Borstal Bitches, nudged off the naughty step and down to second place by Yukio Kitazuwa’s Pinku flesh-fest, Deep Contact. This outrageous sci-fi tale of sexual psychokinesis, asteroids, and armageddon which is now number one in the Salvation chart. In fact, this gentle swapping of positions sets the tone for the whole chart this month as there were no new releases to stir things up, and movement amongst the other titles was still, like a hot summer’s day, with barely a gentle breeze.

The exception to this was last month’s number three, Japanese Wife Next Door by Yutaka Ikejima, which was unceremoniously booted out of the charts by Ricky Greenwood’s seemingly perennial The Rise of Sister Mona, which has climbed three places to take the number three slot. Its sister title, Confessions of a Sinful Nun, stays still at number 5. Sandwiched rather fittingly between these tales of writhing nuns at number four, is Twilight Dinner, Yutaka Ikejima’s wonderfully bloody and sexy mix of lesbianism, vampirism, love and addiction. If you haven’t watched this yet then you should, as unusually for a Pinku title it successfully explores both horror and eroticism, making it a great watch.

There are two more Greenwood titles at numbers six and eight, Girls of Wrestling and Becoming Elsa, and both of which star the ravishingly gorgeous, Charlotte Stokely alongside several other stars, including the breath-taking Elsa Jean in scenes so hot they that make this summer’s heat waves feel like a nuclear winter!

At numbers seven and ten are the chart’s only re-entries this month, The Specialist and The Women’s Nature, both of which are on our Jezebel label as prime examples of European erotica. The Specialist is also worth a special mention as it stars one of Salvation’s favourite adult actresses, the curvaceous Roberta Gemma, who regulars will have also seen in Diary of a Secretary and The Order which are both available on DVD or to stream on RedemptionTV.net.

We have several new releases on the way, including Ricky Greenwood’s homage to the WIP* genre, Prison Heat, the Pink classic, Snow/Woman, Richard Wolstencroft’s Bloodlust and the absolutely stonking Mask the Kekko!!!! Summer may be over, but things are still hot!

*WIP, for the uninitiated is Women in Prison


It’s almost the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Satanic Sluts, and some thirteen years since Sachsgate (when Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand’s prank on-air calls to Andrew Sachs, the actor who played Manuel in Fawlty Towers and grandfather of Satanic Slut, Voluptua, caused one of the biggest scandals in the UK’s history), but here they are back at number one. With more than twice the streams of their nearest rival, the first Satanic Sluts film, The Black Order Cometh starring Dominick Destruction, Dischordia, Kerosene Delux, Chelsea Chainsaw, Poisoned Venus, Tiara Tart, Ivy Midsomer, and our very own Eileen Daly, is at number one!!

At number two is Grant McPhee’s psychedelic and very trippy homage to sixties witchery, Beyond the Speed of Life, while at number three is another new film, this time Sylvain Malin’s haunting and rather creepy, The Cursed Island, which will have you seeing things in the dark and wishing you hadn’t…

At number four is the utterly outrageous The Search for the Black Pearl, directed by Yojiro Takita, which involves the world’s greatest detective, ‘pussy prints’, and some of the most inventive POV camera shots ever filmed. While at number 5 is the aforementioned, The Specialist, where you can get to see just why Roberta Gemma is so popular with the Salvation audience…

See you all next month for our next round-up of your favourite titles.

See you all next month for our next round-up of biblical favourites.

You can buy the chart DVDs in our online shop, watch them now on RedemptionTV.net or read about them and everything else in our new magazine, SALVATION, which you can read for free or buy here

This month’s Track To Enjoy the Chart To is Nothing Matters by The Dinner Party, who are we think is one of the most exciting acts to emerge in recent years. With a sound that is both unique and evocative of Sparks, Kate Bush and Abba, The Dinner Party have built up a sizable following since forming in 2021, often encouraging their fans to dress up for themed concerts, with Folk Horror being a particular favourite. With the Wicker Man set for a 4K reissue and a tie-in book of the movie all due for release soon, The Dinner Party are this winter’s zeitgeist! See them at all costs.

Salvation Films

No 1

Deep Contact

Spine No.93

No 2

Borstal Bithches

Spine No.99

No 3

Confessions of a Sinful Nun 2
Confessions of a Sinful Nun 2

Spine No.86

No 4

Twitter Dinner

Spine No.84

No 5

Confessions of a Sinful Nun

Spine No.73

No 6

Girls of Wrestling

Spine No.74

No 7

The Specialist

Spine No.75

No 8

Becoming Elsa

Spine No.78

No 9

Japanese Wife Next Door 2
Japanese Wife Next Door 2

Spine No.71

No 10

The Woman's Nature”

Spine No.60


No 1

Mr Crispin

The Black Order Cometh

No 2

Beyond the Speed of Life

No 3

Mr Crispin

The Cursed Island

No 4

Mr Crispin

The Search for the Black Pearl

No 5

Mr Crispin

The Specialist


Exploiting cult sex and horror since 1993!

Redemption was the first film label in the world to see the commercial potential in releasing European exploitation films at a time when euro horror was dismissed and ignored by most critics and the wider film community. Redemption launched, in 1993, by championing the works of Jean Rollin, Jess Franco, Dario Argento, Massimo Dallamano, Bruno Mattei and many, many others. Films like Succubus, Requiem for a Vampire, Deep Red, Venus in Furs, What Have You Done to Solange?, Virgin Witch, and Vampyros Lesbos have all been released by Redemption, though often only after costly battles with the UK censors with whom Redemption has had a difficult history.To help raise awareness of these films, and to grow the Redemption brand, Salvation created a number of related publications and side projects, including The Redeemer magazine and the Nihilista newspaper, nightclub Black Mass, and the online group the Satanic Sluts, an all girl collective, whose live shows, which often mixed gore, sex and outrageous antics, saw them mentioned in the House of Commons and the Black Mass club, at which they performed, banned from three venues in three months!

Now, some 23 years later, Redemption continues to break boundaries, champion new films and hatch new ideas. So please keep checking out this site and join our mailing list.


Exhibition – Redemption Revisited

A selection of 100 images created in and around Redemption and Salvation Films between 1992 and 2014

Licensing Worldwide

For all enquiries regarding the licensing of our films, stills or images relating to our films for physical, digital or merchandising exploitation worldwide, including the films of Jean Rollin.

Worldwide Licensing

For more information please email us at

Jean Rollin

The Man Who Bought The Vampire To Life

Welcome to Salvation Films’ new dedicated new Jean Rollin section where, over time, we hope to have everything about Rollin; past, present and future covered.  We will of course include information on all of our releases, or licensed releases, and related releases like soundtracks or books.

Redemption’s relationship with the films of Jean Rollin and with Rollin himself goes back to 1992 and the very beginning of Redemption when we started out as a company that would specialise in releasing European horror and exploitation films at a time when no one else was. At this time Rollin was virtually unknown and his work dismissed by most critics who had, watched his films, as both nonsense and nonsensical


Redemption TV


Here at Salvation Films, we started the lockdown in true dystopian style by vowing to become even more antisocial and reclusive than usual and celebrated by expanding our watch section and making as many films and related material available to watch as possible. Indeed, our Watch section spread so rapidly amongst our digital disciples that it has mutated and become Redemption TV…

So, as you emerge tentatively into a new timorous world of social distancing, face masks and hand sanitizers where the smell of disinfectant has replaced perfume and the touching of flesh carries with it the hidden frisson of death and disease, get ready to run back indoors! Get ready for Redemption TV!

Redemption TV is home to some of the best in exploitation, horror, sexploitation and transgressive cinema as well as one of the biggest collections of Japanese Pink film outside of Japan! With new films being added every month Redemption TV will bring a breath of fetid air and digital devilry to your previously stay-safe-at-home world.

Now you can immerse yourself in a satanic wonderland of vampires, witches and salacious decadence mixed with a cornucopia of fleshy delights from Japan! These celluloid epics will be soon be joined by an ever-growing selection of programs featuring the very best in alternative lifestyle and culture, including, but not limited to, fashion, music, sex, short films, art and, on occasions, Satan himself..

The darkness is coming and so is Redemption TV.

Let there be light…

Our Latest News


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