A regular question we receive at Salvation is “Have I got all the films” to there is a number with no DVD What was it?  So for 2019 we gave compiled a couple Catalogues .  We will keep these up to date as we add or delete titles.

Salvation’s History – Polaroids

In the early days of Redemption during the 1990s digital photography hadn’t really become a thing and to check the lighting and general look of the model or set-up polaroids were taken before using actual film. Usually, the polaroids would be discarded or thrown away at the end of the shoot, but I always kept them and during a recent clearout, I found a box of them.

View Polaroids

VHS Covers

As technology changes so does the artwork used to sell the product. Think of the artistic Album sleeves for the original Vinyl Albums. VHS had to provide a visual impact to sell the VHS tapes. This was followed by CD/DVD to downloads where the artwork is just a few pixels on a screen. At Redemption we had to create VHS covers for Salvation and Jezebel Releases. So those who can’t remember the first time round or you just want to take a peek into the past we are showing the Salvation and Jezebel VHS Covers.