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Before becoming the director of some of British cinema’s most gruesome horror films (such as Frightmare, Schizo, and The Flesh and Blood Show), Pete Walker was a pioneer of the distinctively British sexploitation genre known as ‘slap and tickle’. As the codes of censorship began to relax in the mid 1960s, Walker was among the first entrepeneurs brazen enough to cater to the public’s appetite for sexploitation, first as a burlesque club comedian, then as the producer of 8mm stag films (visually stark and gritty, but relatively tame by today’s standards). Eventually, Walker made the transition to theatrical films, and his long and tumultuous career as a director was set in motion.

FOR MEN ONLY explores the naughty goings-on behind the scenes at the Puritan Magazine Group, a family-friendly publishing company that hides a tantalising secret. IN SCHOOL FOR SEX – a smash hit when it appeared on the screens in London’s West End – a wealthy playboy (Derek Aylward) opens a finishing school for devious young women. This edition presents the standard UK cut, as well as a sampling of more explicit nude scenes intended for release in more sexually liberated markets.


  • Get Cheeky, with Pete Walker an interview documentary by Elijah Drenner(9 min)
  • School for Sex trailer (3 min)
  • School for Sex alternate “continental” footage (13 min)
  • Glamour Loops: 64 minutes of rare black-and-white nudie films made by Pete Walker

FOR MEN ONLY (aka I like Birds)

  • Produced by Paul Mart and Pete Walker
  • Photographed by Gerry Lewis
  • Music by Harry South
  • With David Kernan, Andrea Allan, Derek Aylward


  • Written, Produced and Directed by Pete Walker
  • Photographed by Reg Philips
  • Music by Harry South
  • With Derek Aylward, Rose Alba, Francoise Pascal, Nosher Powell