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Your application will be processed over the next couple of days and we will send your user id (normally your email address) and password if your application has been acceptable.


Salvation have received a number of requests from other Businesses (online and physical ) to sell Salvation DVDs themselves.  So here at the beginning of 2019 we have decided that we would work with businesses allowing them to sell Salvation Titles.  There are a few conditions that apply to other business customers.
  • VALIDITY – Each reseller must complete the application to the left.  This will be used to establish you as a business.  After you have completed the application form we review the details.  After passing our checks you will receive an email with your user name (normally your email address) and your password.  We do suggest that you change the password ASAP
  • PRICING – Initially we will only open UK produced films.  These will retail at £4.50 per title.  When your total purchase exceeds £500 the cost per title will drop to £3.50.
  • MINIMUM ORDERING – Each order must exceed £100 and you must purchase at least 2 of each item required.