SPINE001 R001 Nude Vampire, The Jean Rollin 1970
SPINE002 R002 Shiver of the Vampire, The Jean Rollin 1971
SPINE003 R003 Iron Rose, The Jean Rollin 1973
SPINE004 R004 Lips of Blood Jean Rollin 1975
SPINE005 R005 Fascination Jean Rollin 1979
SPINE006 R006 Killer’s Moon Jean Rollin 1979
SPINE007 R007 Virgin Witch Ray Austin 1972
SPINE008 R008 Asphyx,The Peter Newbrook 1973
SPINE009 R009 Marquis de Sade’s Justine: The Misfortunes of Virtue Chris Boger 1977
SPINE010 R010 Rape Of the Vampire, The Jean Rollin 1968
SPINE011 R011 Requiem for a Vampire Jean Rollin 1973
SPINE012 R012 Demoniacs, The Jean Rollin 1974
SPINE013 To Be Confirmed
SPINE014 R014 Blood Beast Terror,The Vernon Sewell 1968
SPINE015 R015 Burke and Hare Vernon Sewell 1972
SPINE016 R016 Black Magic Rites Renato Polselli 1973
SPINE017 R017 Details coming soon
SPINE018 R018 Two Orphan Vampires Jean Rollin 1997
SPINE019 R019 A Hatchet for the Honeymoon Mario Brava 1970
SPINE020 R020 Zombie Lake Jean Rollin 1980
SPINE021 R021 Oasis of the Zombies Jess Franco 1982
SPINE022 R022 Female Vampire Jess Franco 1973
SPINE023 R023 Exorcism Jess Franco 1975
SPINE024 R024 House of Whipcord Pete Walker 1974
SPINE025 R025 Schizo Pete Walker 1976
SPINE026 R026 Die Screaming Marianne Pete Walker 1971
SPINE027 R027 Comeback,The Pete Walker 1978
SPINE028 R028 Night of the Hunted Jean Rollin 1980
SPINE029 R029 Grapes of Death Jean Rollin 1978
SPINE030 R030 Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine, The Sergio Grieco 1974
SPINE031 R031 Cold Eyes of Fear Enzo G. Castellari 1971
SPINE032 R032 A Virgin Among the Living Dead Jess Franco, Pierre Quérut (uncredited) 1973
SPINE033 R033 Nightmares come at Night Jess Franco 2013
SPINE034 R034 Awful Dr. Orloff, The Jess Franco 1962
SPINE035 R035 Trans-Europ Express Alain Robbe-Grillet 1963
SPINE036 R036 Successive Slidings of Pleasure Alain Robbe-Grillet 1974
SPINE037 R037 The Flesh and Blood Show Pete Walker 1972
SPINE038 R038 Frightmare Pete Walker 1974
SPINE039 R039 L’Immortelle Alain Robbe-Grillet 1963
SPINE040 R040 Demons Jess Franco 1973
SPINE041 R041 The Man Who Lies Alain Robbe-Grillet 1968
SPINE042 R042 Eden and After Alain Robbe-Grillet
SPINE043 R043 House of Mortal Sin Pete Walker
SPINE044 R044 Home by Midnight Pete Walker
SPINE045 R045 Escapees, The Jean Rollin 1988
SPINE046 R046 Sadistic Baron von Klaus, The Jess Franco 1962
SPINE047 R047 Erotic Rites of Frankenstein, The Jess Franco 1972
SPINE048 R048 Crimson (aka The Man With the Severed Head) Juan Fortuny,1973 1973
SPINE049 R049 Mai-Chan’s Daily Life Sato Sade 2014
SPINE050 R050 Daughter of Dracula Jess Franco 1972
SPINE051 R051 Dr. Orloff’s Monster, 1964 Jess Franco 1962
SPINE052 R052 Killer Barbies Jess Franco 1962
SPINE053 R053 Miss Zombie Sabu 2013
SPINE054 R054 Diabolical Dr Z, The Jess Franco 1966
SPINE055 R055 Orchard End Murder, The Chris Marnham 1981
SPINE056 R056 Dracula’s Fiancè / Lost in New York Jean Rollin 2000
SPINE057 R057 Attack of the Robotsk Jess Franco 1966
SPINE058 R058 Neurosis Coming Soon


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The Pete Walker Collection Volume 1
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