Whether you’re a Gamer, Doomer, Gloomer or a Boomer on your last legs waiting for the green-haired embrace of the Corona goddess you’ll need some entertainment to while away your final hours; and where better to spend the end of days than watching a film at Salvation-Films.com

As all of our retail outlets have shut up shop one by one so we have embarked on the mammoth task of converting all of our vast catalogue of sex, sleaze and horror films into MPEG4 files so that they can be viewed online.

Starting with our existing ‘WATCH’ section and then expanding onto two dedicated sister websites you will soon be able to watch anything online from Jean Rollin’s fabulous scythe-wielding epic Fascination, to salacious Pink classics like Whore Angels and Whore Hospital through to sexploitation masterpieces like Schoolgirl Hitchhikers and Talk Derby to Me.

So, take some paracetamol, fortify yourself with suitably abusive substances, mask-up and get ready to WATCH… NOW!

More films will be added every week and there will be more news on the new sites soon so please keep checking back!