Written and Directed by Alan Birkinshaw, 1978

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Four mental patients, the products of illegal medical experiments, escape from an institution in Britain’s rural Lake District. Armed with a stolen axe, they kill a game warden and mutilate a dog before encountering a broken-down bus. The vehicle’s stranded female passengers search for a place to spend the night, unaware that the psychopaths are right behind them. Anthony Forrest and Tom Marshall star in this notorious 1970s British slasher.


  • Interview with actress Joanne Good
  • Interview with director Alan Birkinshaw
  • Audio commentary by Alan Birkinshaw and Joanne Good.
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Photo Gallery

Film Details

  • Mastered in HD from the 35mm negative
  • Anthony Forrest, Tom Marshall, David Jackson, Hilda Braid