Poor Cecily


AKA Lady in Trouble or The Erotic Adventures of Poor Cecily


Ultra rare cult favourite inspired by the Marquis de Sades Justine. It tells the tale of the beautiful Cecily, who is sold to pay for her father”s gambling debts. She ends up, despite her attempts to escape and resist, becoming a sex slave to a depraved French Countess, having been whipped, tortured and generally abused by virtually everyone she encountered on the journey. In short, a Sadean delight, full of bodice-ripping action!
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  • Stills gallery
  • Salvation trailers.
  • Bonus feature Masque (1996, 70 minutes, BBFC 18), directed by Edwin Durell and starring Juli Ashton, Jill Kelly, Asia Carrera, Stephanie Swift.

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  • Cast: Angela Carnon, William Quinn, Sandy Dempsey, Cyndee Summers, Kathy Hilton, Cedric Kent, Norman Fields, Angela Wade, Wes Bishop, Sandy Carey, Uschi Digard, Carona Faoro, Phil Hoover, Brigitte Maier, Marland Procter, John Tull

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