Produced and Directed by Pete Walker, 1979

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With his penultimate film as a director, Pete Walker moved away from the flesh-and-blood exploitation that made him one of Britain’s most notorious filmmakers and created this serious (but no less sensational) examination of sexual prejudices.

When hit songwriter Mike Beresford (James Aubrey) rescues a stranded hitchhiker named Ginny (Alison Elliot), a steamy romance transpires. But passion turns to prosecution when Ginny’s parents reveal that she is only fourteen. True to form, Walker, questions the “justice” of a legal system that plots to destroy Mike’s livelihood, and morally implicates the viewer by encouraging us to share in Mike’s fondness for Ginny, even after we learn she is underaged.

Along the way, Walker provides an entertaining (if not entirely accurate) portrait of the ’70s rock scene, featuring Stones sibling Chris Jagger.


  • “Promiscuous Behaviour” an interview with Pete Walker, by Elijah Drenner
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Additional Pete Walker trailers

Film Details

  • Cast: James Aubrey, Alison Elliot, Mark Burns, Juliet Harmer, Debbie Linden, Chris Jagger