The Satanic Sluts, the darkest and most attitudinal all-female collective on the planet are back in full force in their sexiest movie yet! Starring the the UKs most notorious Satanic Slut, Voluptua, whose utterly salacious sex scandal threatened to topple the BBC and even had the Prime Minister muttering the sacred words ‘SATANIC SLUTS’, Redemption Films brings the world SCANDALIZED!

The third in a series of successful Satanic Sluts movies, watch Satanic Sluts III: Scandalized in awe as scantily-clad women abuse each other in every scenario you can think of, from a “60s-style space setting to girls in uniform and back again! In true Satanic Slut style, these women enact scenes of sex and gore that will leave you totally SCANDALIZED!!

Cast Voluptua (aka Georgina Baillie)| Chrystal Nacht| Harmony Hex| Robyn Truelove| Holly D and Michelle Thorne