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THE LIVING DEAD GIRL (La Morte Vivante) is the story of Catherine Valmont (Françoise Blanchard), a wealthy heiress dead before her time, who is accidentally reanimated when some unfortunate movers attempt to store drums of chemical waste in the neglected burial vaults below her uninhabited chateau. Rollin’s “living dead girl” does everything that cinematic convention requires – she kills people, drinks human blood, devours human flesh – yet for all this, we accept her as an innocent. Meanwhile the effect that her resurrection has upon her childhood friend, Hélene (Marina Pierro), is infinitely more conscious, deliberate, and evil.

Bloodier and more violent than his own tastes preferred, THE LIVING DEAD GIRL forced Rollin to work against the grain in his own preferred genre – and he transformed himself in the process. In the unsettling bloody finale, Blanchard’s performance was so intense, so extreme in its confused appetite, revulsion and glee, the take was nearly interrupted out of concern for the actress’s mental health. It is one of the most emotionally incendiary finales in horror film history.

Special features:

Mastered in HD from the 35mm negative

French with optional English substitles

Introduction by Jean Rollin

Four featurettes by Daniel Gouyette

“Jean-Pierre Bouysou on La Morte Vivante”

“The Living Dead Girl: The American version”

“Music by Philippe D’Aram”

“When I was Seventeen: An Homage to Benoît Lestang”

Jean Rollin at Fantasia (2007, 36 min.)

Excerpt of an interview with Jean Rollin by Joshua T. Gravel.

12-page booklet with an essay by Tim Lucas, editor of Video Watchdog

Original theatrical trailer

Original trailers of nine other Rollin films

Film details:

France 1982 Colour 89 min 1.78:1

1920 x 1080p Not Rated

Written and Directed by Jean Rollin

Director of Photography: Max Monteillet

Music by Philippe D’Aram

With Marina Pierro, Françoise Blanchard, Carina Barone, Mike Marshall

Produced for Video by Bret Wood