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TWO ORPHAN VAMPIRES (Les Deux Orphelines Vampires) follows Henriette and Louise (Isabelle Teboul and Alexandra Pic), two blind girls of unknown origin, raised in an orphanage by two adoring nuns. Little do the nuns know, each night as the sun goes down, their “little angels” acquire night vision (they “see blue”), as well as an appetite for blood and teenage mischief.

Rollin’s entire filmography, more or less, could be summarized as a poetical consideration of death, termination, and unreality, but coming to terms with his own pending death had a way of affecting how he regarded them (the film was undertaken just as he was diagnosed with kidney failure). Something previously conceptual and child-like, nostalgic and precious in Rollin’s work becomes more concrete and dimensional, unflinching and adult. When they commit one violent transgression against their kindly benefactor, the scene’s abrupt and awkward brutality recalls the best of Henri-George Clauzot. (a French film director best known for The Wages of Fear and Les Diaboliques).

Special features:

Mastered in HD from the 16mm negative

French with optional English subtitles

English dubbed version

“Memories of a Blue World, the Making of Les Deux Orphelines Vampires” by Daniel Gouyette, featuring interviews with cast and crew of the film (2012, 40 min).

Interview with Jean Rollin, by Rebecca Johnson (2008, 20 min).

12-page booklet with an essay by Tim Lucas, editor of Video Watchdog

Original theatrical trailer

Original trailers of nine other Rollin films

Film details:

France 1997 Colour 107 min 1.78:1

1920 x 1080p Not Rated

Written and Directed by Jean Rollin

Based on the Novel by Jean Rollin

Produced by Lionel Wallman

Director of Photography: Norbert Morfaing-Sintes

Music by Philippe D’Aram

With Alexandra Pic, Isabelle Teboul, Bernard Charnacé, Natalie Perrey, Brigitte Lahaie, Véronique Djaouti

Produced for Video by Bret Wood