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Capitalising on the pop cultural fascination with the occult, while taking advantage of the era’s relaxed censorship, VIRGIN WITCH was one of the more notorious British horror films of the early seventies.

Ann Michelle (House of Whipcord) and Vicki Michelle (BBC’s ‘Allo, ‘Allo!) star as a pair of miniskirted birds who travel to a remote castle in order to land a contract in the modelling agency of the mysterious lesbian Sybil Waite (Patricia Haines). Only then do they realise that the agency is a means of procuring fresh victims for a witch’s coven. Sybil’s plan goes awry when she discovers that one of the virginal sisters is hardly an innocent victim – but is gifted with deadly supernatural powers.

Special features:

Mastered in HD from the 35mm negative

Original theatrical trailer

Photo gallery

Film details:

UK 1972 Colour 88 min 1.66:1

Directed by Ray Austin

Screenplay by Klaus Vogel (Beryl Vertue)

NOTE: This title does not ship to the UK

Produced by Ralph Solomons

Director of Photography: Gerald Moss

Music by Ted Dicks

With Vicki Michelle, Ann Michelle, Patricia Haines, Keith Buckely, James Chase