The Salvation owned film, The Orchard End Murder, is finally, after years in the wilderness, getting a well deserved release curtesy of the British Film Institute who have licensed the film from Salvation. Remastered beautifully in HD and with a great selection of extras (details below) this is your chance to see this rare and quintessentially English film for the first time since its theatrical debut in the early 1980s where it was released in a double-bill with the horror film, Dead and Buried.

  • Presented in High Definition and Standard Definition
  • The Showman (Christian Marnham, 1970, 25 mins): Short documentary about fairground Wild West showman Wally Shufflebottom
  • Christian Marnham on The Orchard End Murder (2017, 38 mins)
  • Christian Marnham on The Showman (2017, 5 mins)
  • From Melody to Orchard End Murder: An Interview with Tracy Hyde (2017, 12 mins)
  • An Interview with David Wilkinson (2017, 13 mins)
  • Illustrated booklet with new writing by Josephine Botting and Vic Pratt, along with full film credits

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An official Redemption Blu-ray release follows soon in the US.