The new Salvation range hits 50 plus releases and they keep comin’!!

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Our new UK exploitation label which encompasses Redemption, Jezebel, Sacrament and Purgatory continues to go from strength to strength, having now released some 50 plus titles in just nine months. These include gems like Sexy Battle Girls, Schoolgirl Hitchhikers, Franco's The Marquis de Sade's Justine, Ninn's Latex, and [...]

The Satanic Sluts Second Generation born again as a film label

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The fabulous and ever evolving Satanic Sluts are back again, this time on film, being bad, mad and gorgeously wicked. The first film in our new series A GIRL, directed by Simon Black, it features the truly amazing Hannah Short, as a woman who descends into madness. Next up and [...]

New Franco and Rollin titles heading to Blu-ray!

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Three fantastic new Blu-rays are coming out on Redemption Blu-ray around May / June 2015. These are Jean Rollin's rarely seen and much sought after tale of madness and redemption, The Escapées, and two by the master himself, Jess Franco; The Sadistic Baron von Klaus and the fabulous Erotic [...]

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