The UK gets Franco Fever! Start 2016 with Female Vampire & a slew of divine excess!

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We are delighted to announce that we will be adding a whole batch of Jess Franco titles to our UK Salvation Exploitation catalogue during [...]

Our Pink onslaught continues with wall-to-wall flesh in the fab Japanese Wife Next Door

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This January when its snowing and the wind is howling keep yourself warm with some fine whisky, a roaring fire and the Japanese Wife [...]

UK, September: Japan’s most hospitable maids are ready, willing and at your service!

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Unusually for Pink Cinema our new release, Maid in Japan was directed by a female director, the highly acclaimed and prolific Sachi Hamano [...]

UK, August: Rollin’s raw, brutal and sexually charged Demoniacs unleashed

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This August see The Demoniacs, Jean Rollin's savage and ghostly rape revenge tale, released as part of Salvation's new exploitation collection. Demoniacs centres on [...]

Orange Nails completes filming with model Celia Nen going wild in a wheelchair!

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Our Satanic Sluts Second Generation range of films is continuing to challenge our conventional take on eroticism and our latest title, The Girl with [...]

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