Shock and Gore – Mai-Chan gets the chop again! And again! And again

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2016 will see the US release of what has to be one of the most disturbing and goriest films ever made, Mai Chan's Daily Life (2015), in which a maid, Mai-Chan, is abused and butchered in various appalling ways [...]

The UK gets Franco Fever! Start 2016 with Female Vampire & a slew of divine excess!

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We are delighted to announce that we will be adding a whole batch of Jess Franco titles to our UK Salvation Exploitation catalogue during the course of 2016, including some major Lina Romay features. January sees Franco's incredible take [...]

Our Pink onslaught continues with wall-to-wall flesh in the fab Japanese Wife Next Door

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This January when its snowing and the wind is howling keep yourself warm with some fine whisky, a roaring fire and the Japanese Wife Next Door! There’s no cooking or calorific catastrophes with this beauty, just sex and lots [...]

UK, September: Japan’s most hospitable maids are ready, willing and at your service!

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Unusually for Pink Cinema our new release, Maid in Japan was directed by a female director, the highly acclaimed and prolific Sachi Hamano (as Chise Matoba) and tells the story of a special café, The House of Maids, [...]

UK, August: Rollin’s raw, brutal and sexually charged Demoniacs unleashed

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This August see The Demoniacs, Jean Rollin's savage and ghostly rape revenge tale, released as part of Salvation's new exploitation collection. Demoniacs centres on a group of ship-wreckers who lure unsuspecting boats onto the rocks and then steal their [...]

Horror fans unite to save scream queen Eileen Daly from Big Brother eviction!

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Despite trying to maintain a lofty indifference to the daily goings-on in the current UK Big Brother House 2015 it has been difficult for us given that one of the 'house mates' is Screen Queen, gothic beauty, vampire and [...]

Orange Nails completes filming with model Celia Nen going wild in a wheelchair!

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Our Satanic Sluts Second Generation range of films is continuing to challenge our conventional take on eroticism and our latest title, The Girl with the Orange Nails, is no exception. Directed by Simon Black (A Girl, She Comes in [...]

New book on Heavy Metal Art features Redemption’s founder, Nigel Wingrove

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And Justice for Art the new publication by Ramón Oscuro Martos devoted to exploring the stories behind some of Heavy Metal and Rock's greatest album cover artworks devotes eight pages to the imagery of Redemption's founder, Nigel Wingrove; specifically [...]

EILEEN DALY IN THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE!!! – 9pm Channel 5, May 12th

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First she was on X-FACTOR now Eileen Daly, the 'face' of Redemption Films, horror icon, singer, model and all-round gothic bombshell has dropped a truly massive bombshell of her own and been selected as one of this years BIG [...]

Bitterness and wild orchids herald the arrival of summer 2015

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May 25th sees two more great titles added to Salvation's growing exploitation collection in the form of Black Orchid, Michael Ninn's groundbreaking first venture into strong adult material. Shot two years before he made Latex, Black Orchid tells the tale [...]

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