And Justice for Art the new publication by Ramón Oscuro Martos devoted to exploring the stories behind some of Heavy Metal and Rock’s greatest album cover artworks devotes eight pages to the imagery of Redemption’s founder, Nigel Wingrove; specifically the images used by Cradle of Filth for their albums The Principal of Evil Made Flesh and Dusk and Her Embrace. Featuring images, sketches and early designs by Wingrove as well as the photographic images that he conceived and produced with photographers like Chris Bell and Salvatore,

And Justice for Art is a ‘must have’ for rock and art fans alike and deserves support.

Copies of And Justice for Art can be bought directly from the publishers here or And Justice for Art Facebook Page

Below is the Publishers description:

The new book “And Justice For Art: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers” features a chapter that reveals all the details behind the artworks that Nigel Wingrove did for British metal band, Cradle Of Filth. In addition it also includes a detailed interview with the artist and the band about their collaborations. The book also features 264 color pages, more than 400 graphics and the stories about legendary artworks for albums by Metallica, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Paradise Lost, Enslaved, Carcass and much more. This is a limited edition.

A video preview of the book can be seen here

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