A slightly unusual news story as essentially it’s a personal item from me, Nigel Wingrove. To explain, separately from running Salvation Films, I have been working on a series of art projects for the last eight years and because of that work, I am now seeking to raise additional funds to cover the cost of creating these pieces.

I currently have four exhibition projects on the go, the largest of which is collectively titled ‘Believe Absolutely’ and consists of 36 artworks all of which are completed. However, before they can be framed there are quite a few additional techniques that have to be applied to the images which are expensive to do before I can start exhibiting and the imagery, hopefully, becomes self-funding.

So as a way of trying to fund my artwork, I am trying out Ko-Fi.com, a funding raising service aimed at creatives and any help is very welcome and appreciated: http://ko-fi.com/nigelwingrove

Now back to Salvation as normal service is resumed