We have some great titles lined up for the UK this summer, including Salvation’s nunsploitation epic, Sacred Flesh about a Mother Superior whose repressed sexual desires drive her mad and Japanese Wife Next Door 2, the sequel to one of our most popular releases. In this version, the films hero selfishly marries for money and as a result ends up in living in a house full of sexual perverts and sadists who, when he cheats on his wife, exact a painful punishment!

Also, lined up for release are Jess Franco’s fabulously surreal take on Sacher-Masoch’s perverse Venus in Furs and Jean Rollin’s classic vampire film Requiem for a Vampire in which two girls find themselves trapped in a castle with the last of the vampires.

Finally, we have two great Sacrament releases; the controversial Pink Cinema title Tsumugi starring cult actress Sora Aoi as a troubled teenager who enters into an inappropriate affair with a teacher with tragic results, and The Succulent Succubus, about a young woman given just six months to live who is offered one last wish by a mischievous and sexually irrepressible Succubus!.