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Based on the popular manga by Waita Uziga . Mai-Chan’s Daily Life is a diabolical dark comedy that takes fetish violence to shocking new extremes. A young woman, Miyako (Akane Miiyako) responds to an advertisement for a live-in maid, and is given a job alongside the playfully alluring Mai-chan (Koshi Ann). Miyako quickly learns that housecleaning is the least of her duties, as the master (Maruyama Shogo) and his wife(Roman Soako) use the maids as toys in their unbridled erotic fantasies. Since Mai-chan possesses the uncanny ability to recover from any injury, no matter how severe, every violent desire is indulged, and Miyako soon finds herself actively involved in Mai-chan’s horrific destruction (and miraculous resurrection).


  • Original trailer
  • Waita’s Daily Life, a candid behind-the-scenes documentary (31 minutes).


  • Based on the manga by Waita Uziga
  • Make-up effects by Zerai Naoi
  • Music by yuqwe
  • Cast Akane Miyako, Koshi Ann, Maruyama Shogo, Roman Soako

Contains scenes of sexuality and extreme violence. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.