Never before available our colleagues at Finders Keepers Records have sourced and mastered this really great soundtrack and finally put THE DEMONS (as Les Demons) out on record. Composed entirely by French composer Jean-Bernard Raiteux and presented here in full soundtrack form, this is a must have for Jess Franco fans and film fans alike.

Be warned Finders Keeper’s releases tend to be relatively limited pressings and when they’re gone, they’re gone. For example all of our Jean Rollin soundtracks are completely sold out as is Valerie and Her Week of Wonders and many other

FK soundtrack. We have just 20 copies of The Demons so order yours now!

If you’ve not seen the film then you can buy the The Demons Blu-ray here

Track Listing and Sound Clips

  1. The Inquisition
  2. Les Demons.
  3. Kathleen writhing ‘Kathleen’
  4. The Weakness Of Rosalinda ‘Melodious Modulation’.
  5. The Visit / Margaret’s Hallucination
  6. Three serpents to Karen’s Dwelling
  7. The Second Inquisition
  8. A Witch’s Daughter.
  9. The Seduction of Winter ‘The Last Frolic’
  10. Kathleen and the Horses
  11. The Stake.
  12. Kathleen and the Serpents

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