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This DVD includes a whole plethora of Nuns narcissistic necro mayhem and including: The Nuns live at the legendary New York Limelight club, The Nuns live at the infamous Black Mass club and at London’s Marquee club accompanied by the Satanic Sluts, Tiffany Tarantula’s film Drucilla Darling, the video to their hit song White Slave and dozens of ultra rare stills and press cuttings that literally cover the entire Nuns history,

If you love The Nuns, vampires, Goth girls or just gothic nonsense spiced up with low life sluts, breasts, wannabe Nun groupies, submissive bankers, more breasts, and the occasional evolutionary outrage in human form then this DVD is for you!

Dedicated to the memory of the late Kris, most divine of The Nuns featured in this DVD, who was tragically murdered in Time Square, New York, 2007,

The suspected murderer, Clarence Dean, is still awaiting trial in April 2016.

Special Features

  • Live at the Limelight, New York
  • Live at “Black Mass” The marquee, London
  • 2 Episodes of “New York Vampires”
  • Extensive Gallery “History of the Nuns”
  • Short Film, “Drucilla darling”
  • Short Film, “A Message to Nigel”
  • Promo Video, “White Slave”