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Martin Campbell, 1974

This is an NTSC (USA/JAPAN format) Region A DVD

From its opening title sequence, it is apparent that director Martin Campbell intended his first feature, a low-budget sex romp called THE SEX THIEF, to be an homage to the James Bond series. Irresistible to women of every variety, the roguish title character (David Warbeck) channels his inner Connery, muttering witty double entendres, relishing the danger of his secret mission, forever sidetracked by beautiful women.

THE SEX THIEF is especially fun to watch knowing that Campbell eventually achieved his dream – directing not one but two James Bond films (Goldeneye and Casino Royale), as well as the tongue-in-cheek blockbusters Green Lantern and The Mask of Zorro. THE SEX THIEF is a fascinating precursor to those large-budget Hollywood films showing that, from the beginning of his career, Campbell knew the kinds of films he wanted to make and had the talent to deliver on his promise.

Film details:

Mastered in HD from original 35mm material

UK 1974 Colour 90 min 1.66:1

1920 x 1080p

Directed by Martin Campbell

Produced by Teddy White and Michael Style

Screenplay by Edward Hyde

Director of Photography: Grenville Middleton

Music by Mike Vickers

With David Warbeck, Jennifer Westbrook, Terence Edmond,Diane Keen, Harvey Hall, Linda Coombes, Gloria Maley