Nude Vampire, The


Also Called La Vampire Nue and The Naked Vampire


Director Jean Rollin, 1970

The Nude Vampire (La Vampire Nue) was Jean Rollins second feature film and his second exploration of the vampire legend. In it he combines elements of science fiction, vampirism and eroticism in a truly magical way, mixing stunning colours, elaborate costumes, sexuality and dream-like visuals into a truly sumptuous mix of the surreal and the unreal.

A doctor with an obsessive desire for immortality captures a mute, orphan vampire girl and keeps her prisoner for years while he seeks to replicate her blood. Unfortunately,
the doctor”s son falls in love with the girl and frees her, with unexpected consequences.

Special features

  • Interview with Jean Rollin by Dr. Patricia McCormack (39 minutes)
  • Stills gallery
  • Video art
  • French and English theatrical trailers
  • Redemption trailers.

Film Details

  • Cast: Maurice Lemaître, Caroline Carter, Olivier Rollin, René-Jean Chauffard, Ly Lestrong, Bernard Musson, Ursule Pauly, Catherine Castel, Marie-Pierre Castel, Michel Delahaye. Music: Yvon Serault

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