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Director: Jean Rollin, 1980

PLEASE NOTE: This is a NTSC (USA/JAPAN format) Region free release

A man driving home late one night nearly hits a beautiful, scantily-cladwoman who is running wild in the streets; he takes her back to his apartment,they make love, and he discovers that she has already forgotten where they met.She is rapidly losing her memory, a woman without a past. The amnesiac womanis traced back to a scientific fortress melodramatically known as “The Black Tower,”where people suffering memory and identity loss due to accidental nuclear contaminationare being held and treated.

Although Rollin made the film with absolute freedom within his budget, he was forced to racethrough with absurd time restraints. As a result, NIGHT OF THE HUNTED (La Nuit des traquées)is a compromised film, to be sure, but it is a unique and exceptional chapter in Rollin’sfilmography. It has a distinctly Cronenbergian feel, that reaches back to Cronenberg’searly experimental short films STEREO (1969) and CRIMESOF THE FUTURE (1970).

The film’s powerfully moving finale is, for my money, the single greatest sequence in Rollin’s entire body of work.

(excerpt from the essay by Tim Lucas)

Special features:

Mastered in HD from the original 35mm negative

French with optional English subtitles

Introduction by Jean Rollin

Two deleted sex scenes (8 min)

Excerpt of an interview with Jean Rollin byJoshua T. Gravel

16-page booklet with an essay by Tim Lucas,editor of Video Watchdog

Original theatrical trailer

Original trailers of other Rollin films

Film Details

France 1980 Colour 91 min 1.66:1
1920 x 1080p

Written and Directed by Jean Rollin

Produced by Monique Samarcq

Director of photography:Jean-Claude Couty

Music by Philippe Bréjean

With Brigitte Lahaie, Vincent Gardere,Dominique Journet, Bernard Papineau,Cathy Stewart, Natalie Perrey