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Pop singer Jack Jones (best remembered for the Love Boat theme) plays a singer who is haunted by the death of his wife, and led into a confrontation with the killer, THE COMEBACK. A sleek and entertaining slasher film from director Pete Walker (Schizo), it is a bloody illustration of the costs of fame.

While recording an album he hopes will vault him back up the charts, singer Nick Cooper (Jones) begins suffering from hallucinations, pushing him to the brink of a nervous breakdown. When those close to him start dying in brutal murders, his connection to reality frays even more, until he himself is staring death in the face.

Rounding out the cast are cult TV favourites David Doyle (Charlie’s Angels), Pamela Stephenson (Superman III, Saturday Night Live) and Holly Palance (The Omen).

Special features:

“Slasher Serenade,” an interview with Pete Walker and actor Jack Jones, by Elijah Drenner

Audio commentary by Pete Walker, with Jonathan Rigby author of Studies in Terror: Landmarks of Horror Cinema

Original theatrical trailer

Film Details
UK 1978 Colour 100 min 1.78:1

Produced & Directed by Pete Walker

Screenplay by Murray Smith

Photographed by Peter Jessop

Music by Stanley Myers

With Jack Jones, David Doyle, Pamela Stephenson, Holly Palance, Bill Owen, Sheila Keith