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Director: Michael Cort, 1969

PLEASE NOTE: This is a NTSC (USA/JAPAN format) Region A Blu ray

A British superspy comedy with a Pop Art aesthetic, ZETA ONE is the kindof psychedelic, sexy thriller that inspired the Austin Powers series.

In this playful spoof of the James Bond films, Robin Hawdon stars as Word…James Word, a womanising secret agent whose investigation of a criminalmastermind (James Robinson Justice) leads him to discover a race ofbeautiful, exotic superwomen. Further inquiry exposes the naked truth, that these women have been abducted and brainwashed by the alien,interdimsional goddess Zeta (Dawn Addams).

Special Features

Newly mastered in HD from the original 35mm negative

Original theatrical trailer

Original trailers of other Jezebel releases

Film details:

UK 1969 Colour 85 min 1.66:1

1920 x 1080p

Directed by Michael Cort

Produced by George Maynard

Screenplay by Alistair McKenzieand Christopher Neame

Director of Photography: Jack Atcheler

Music by John Hawksworth

With Robin Hawdon, Dawn Addams,Yutte Stensgaard, James Robertson Justice, Anna Gaël, Brigitte Skay, Charles Hawtrey,Valerie Leon