The British Film Institute’s BFIPLAYER site features 10 films licensed from Salvation and their latest report shows that of those ten films, that, in terms of clickable views, Visions of Ecstasy is No 1 and Jean Rollin’s Fascination is No 2 – the full Top 10 chart is listed below.

You can buy both films directly from this site. Each DVD contains Visions of Ecstasy, AXEL, Justine and Sacred Flesh and all four films were directed by Salvation’s founder Nigel Wingrove.

The UK DVD also contains a printed 36 full colour booklet written by Wingrove telling the story of the banning and how that ban led indirectly to the forming of Redemption Films. The US DVD contains a pdf of the same booklet.

The version of Visions of Ecstasy on the UK DVD was created from a 16mm print whereas the US version of Visions of Ecstasy, which was created much later, contains a version of Visions of Ecstasy mastered in HD from the original negative.


  1. Visions of Ecstasy (Dir Nigel Wingrove)
  2. Fascination (Dir Jean Rollin)
  3. The Nude Vampire (Dir Jean Rollin)
  4. The Nude Vampire (Dir Jean Rollin)
  5. Night of the Hunted (Dir Jean Rollin)
  6. Lips of Blood (Dir Jean Rollin)
  7. Shiver of the Vampires (Dir Jean Rollin)
  8. Requiem for a Vampire (Dir Jean Rollin)
  9. Grapes of Death (Dir Jean Rollin)
  10. Living Dead Girl (Dir Jean Rollin)
  11. The Iron Rose (Dir Jean Rollin)