Raving Rollin – Bad dreams, de Sade and Jean Rollin inspire artist Teresa Winter

Musician and artist Teresa Winter who records with The Death of Rave label cites Jean Rollin and the Marquis de Sade along with a bad dream of being murdered by her boyfriend as inspiration for her new album, 'What is the Night For'.  The album, released on the 28th [...]

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The BFI to screen Jean Rollin’s fantastic IRON ROSE at Cinema Fantastique Festival

The British Film Institute or BFI as it is better known will be celebrating French 'fantastique' cinema over the course of October and November and included will be two screenings of Jean Rollin's poetic and haunting film, La Rose de Fer aka The Iron Rose, starring the lovely Françoise Pascal. We [...]

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Valerie is back on vinyl in Wonderland – TWICE!

The wonderful people at Finders Keepers Records on realising that it is ten years since they first put out the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack to the equally wonderful film, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, have issued two new versions of it on vinyl to celebrate. It could also be because [...]

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Nurses & fetishism come together in our hottest releases of 2018 so far!

September 10th sees two more UK releases, this time the pink cinema classic, Nurse Sisters and the brand new cosplay-themed Tokyo Fetish. Nurse Sisters features real-life siblings, Yumeka and Nikki Sasaki getting so hot under their uniforms that they have to take them off ... a lot! Tokyo Fetish on [...]

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Rollin’s sci-fi film, Night of the Hunted, in Daily Telegraph’s Top 50 Greats!

UK newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, recently compiled a list of the best 50 'great films you (probably) haven't seen' and listed at No 31 is Jean Rollin's fabulous and gory science fiction thriller, Night of the Hunted. Made in 1980 and starring an almost permanently naked Brigitte Lahaie as [...]

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Summer 2018 – bask in pollution, violent death and caged women!

Salvation's growing exploitation collection adds two more titles to its growing catalogue; Jean Rollin's Grapes of Death and Jess Franco's 99 Women. Both films are released on DVD August 13th and will be available from and will be available from Salvation  and other good retailers such as HMV, Amazon and FOPP. [...]

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Unleash the Bats! – The B-Music of Jean Rollin is back on vinyl

Those fab people at Finders Keepers Records have re-pressed and re-packaged their soldout CD of Jean Rollin's B-Music from 1968-1973 and have re-issued it as a limited vinyl edition. We have stock now and like all of Finders Keepers Rollin releases, this will sell out in no time and [...]

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Rollin and Pascal reunited in ‘Art Decades’ magazine tribute

Fans of Jean Rollin and the actress Françoise Pascal, the star of Rollin's poetic and haunting film the Iron Rose, will be pleased to hear that the US magazine has devoted over thirty pages to Rollin's work in their latest issue. Also, included and featured on the cover is [...]

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Visions of Ecstasy tops BFIPLAYER list of available Salvation titles!

The British Film Institute's BFIPLAYER site features 10 films licensed from Salvation and their latest report shows that of those ten films, that, in terms of clickable views, Visions of Ecstasy is No 1 and Jean Rollin's Fascination is No 2 - the full Top 10 chart is [...]

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The USA finally gets it’s GIRL

The sleaze and arthouse hybrid Satanic Sluts feature A GIRL, directed with aplomb by Simon Black and starring the fabulous Hannah Short is finally being released in the US. Telling the dark tale of a young woman's slow descent into madness as she obeys commands from her God, a [...]

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